3-MVI + 4-CD Boxed Set

MVI Content:

Donald Fagen’s complete "Nightfly" trilogy – The Nightfly, Kamakiriad & Morph The Cat – on 3 MVI discs and 3 bonus CDs.

3 bonus audio tracks on The Nightfly MVI. 4 bonus tracks on the Kamakiriad MVI. 3 bonus tracks on the Morph The Cat MVI.

A fourth bonus CD that compiles all 10 extra tracks on one disc.

Includes two previously unreleased tracks: "Viva Rock and Roll" and "Hank's Pad".

DTS 5.1 Surround, Dolby 5.1 Surround, and Advanced Resolution PCM Stereo mixes of all three albums.

Pre-encoded MP3 audio files of every song.

Two audio interviews with Donald Fagen, one from 1993 and one from 2006.

Digital Album Booklet (PDF) with expanded liner notes for each album with a track-by-track commentary by the artist.

Music videos for “New Frontier” and “Century’s End” from The Nightfly and “Tomorrow’s Girls” and “Snowbound” from Kamakiriad.

Ur-Tone® computer application – create custom Donald Fagen ringtones.

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MVI Content

The Nightfly MVI

Kamakiriad MVI

Morph the Cat MVI
2.Green Flower Street
3.Ruby Baby
5.New Frontier
6.The Nightfly
7.The Goodbye Look
8.Walk Between Raindrops

Bonus Audio
True Companion
Green Flower Street (Live)
Century’s End

Bonus Video
New Frontier (music video)
Century’s End (music video)

1.Trans-Island Skyway
5.Tomorrow's Girls
6.Florida Room
7.On The Dunes
8.Teahouse On The Tracks

Bonus Audio
Big Noise New York
Confide In Me
Blue Lou
Shanghai Confidential

Dean Seay Interview/Reprise Promo (1993)

Bonus Video
Tomorrow’s Girls (music video)
Snowbound (music video)

1.Morph The Cat
2.H Gang
3.What I Do
4.Brite Nightgown
5.Great Pagoda of Funn
6.Security Joan
7.Night Belongs To Mona
8.Mary Shut the Garden Door
9.Morph the Cat (Reprise)

Bonus Audio
Hank’s Pad (Live)
Viva Viva Rock ‘N’ Roll (Live)

World Café Interview (2006)


Audio CD Content

The Nightfly


Morph the Cat 10 Extras Bonus CD

Green Flower Street
Ruby Baby
New Frontier
The Nightfly
The Goodbye Look
Walk Between The Raindrops

Trans Island Skyway
Tomorrow's Girls
Florida Room
On The Dunes
Teahouse On The Tracks

Morph the Cat
H Gang
What I Do
Brite Nitegown

The Great Pagoda of Funn
Security Joan
The Night Belongs to Mona
Mary Shuts the Garden Door
Morp the Cat (Reprise)

Big Noise New York
True Companion
Confide In Me
Blue Lou
Shanghai Confidential
Green Flower Street (Live)
Century's End
Hank's Pad (Live)
Viva Viva Rock 'N' Roll (Live)


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Hank's Pad

You got eyes to bop
Make the scene at Hank's Pad
Rave and rocket
Love that pocket
Gets you where you wanna be

When you're buggin' out
Do the hang at Hank's Pad
Things will happen
One hand clappin'
Gets you where you wanna be

All the kitties dig this way-hip chicken shack
'Specially when the boys start burnin' in the back
Smoke - stack

If you got the chops
You can wail at Hank's Pad
I was wiggin'
Now I'm giggin'
Gets you where you wanna be

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Viva Viva Rock 'N' Roll
(Chuck Berry)

Grandma and Grandpa did the Charleston Rug
Aunt Mary and Uncle Joe, they did the Jitterbug
My sister used to do the Twist and Shout
But I'm with the Go-Go, I'm workin' out

Rock on, g'on jerk it, child, work it
Rock on, go 'head and shake it
I can take it
Rock on, oh, my soul
Viva, viva, Rock and Roll
Rock and Roll

My mother had my sister learning Bach and Strauss
For years it was the only music in our house
But I got my guitar and I rearranged Bach
And came up with some good old folk and country rock

Rock on, go 'head and jerk it, child, work it
Rock on, go 'head and take it
I can shake it
Rock on, oh, my soul
Viva, viva, Rock and Roll
Viva, viva, Rock and Roll
Viva, viva, Rock and Roll

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