MCA Records MCAD-10387

This Compact Disc contains program transferred from analog tape and therefore may contain some tape hiss and other anomalies that exist with analog recordings.
Produced by Gary Katz

Hey Nineteen
Green Earrings
Deacon Blues
Chain Lightning
Black Cow
King Of The World
Babylon Sisters
Here At The Western World
Century's End
(by Donald Fagen)
True Companion (by Donald Fagen)
Bodhisattva (Live)

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True Companion

Crewmen of the true companion
I can see your tired of action
In this everlasting twilight
Home is just a sad extraction

Just beyond the troubled skyways
Young men dream of fire and starshine
I've been dreaming of my own green world
Far across the reach of space time

Drums: Steve Jordan
Bass: Will Lee
Guitar: Steve Kahn
Piano and Keyboards: Donald Fagen
Backup Vocals: Zack Sanders

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The Midi-sequense , on this page is Hey Nineteen Originally on the Steely Dan "Gaucho" Album.

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