Tomorrow's Girls

The Tomorrow's Girls single

Reprise records 9362 40909-2

Tomorrow's Girls
Confide In Me
Shanghai Confidential

Tomorrow's Girls
Produced by Donald Fagen
Original version from the album Kamakiriad


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Confide In Me
(Previously Unreleased)
(eventually recorded by Manhattan Transfer)
Produced by Donald Fagen

After the crash
When you’re strol1ing through the woods alone
Pick up the phone
Honey I’m listed
Cry to me
Cry to me

Got no degree
But I’m strong on tears and jealous hearts
Brand new starts
You know I’m a big fan
I got a program
If you’ll just confide in me

*We’ll sit in my kitchen babe
We’ll drink lots of coffee babe
We’ll begin just where you left off
And you can tell
How you flew How you fell
And I’ll make your landin’ soft

**This place is cute
And it’s kind of comfortable in a song
Safe and warm
We’ll open at night time
We’ll let in the sunshine
If you’ll just confide in me

If you’ll just confide in me

***Yes I’m strong
Tell it’s hard
I’m strong
Ain’t no star
Confide in me
Upon your hand
Say you slipped
You made a mistake
Confide in me
For goodness sake

***Repeat with variation

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Shanghai Confidential
(Also on Century's End CD single)

There is also a Japanese issue of the single on Reprise records WPCP-5503

Tomorrow's Girls (Edit)
Shanghai Confidential

Confide In Me
Century's End
Tomorrow's Girls

(Single version)

"Tomorrow's Girls" is also issued as a 1-track Promotion Only CD on Reprise records PRO-CD-6211

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