Tour Rehearsal '76

Tour Rehearsal '76 Cover (18187 bytes)

CD without recordlabel

Instrumental Jam #1 »
Green Earrings #1 »
Kid Charlemagne #1 »
Night By Night »
The Fez #1 »
The Fez instrumental #2 »
Kid Charlemagne #2 »
Green Earrings #2 »
My Old School »
Instrumental Jam #2 »
Gaucho §
The Second Arrangement
Glamour Profession
Daddy Don't Live In That N. Y. C. No More
Chain Lightnin'
Black Friday
Rose Darling
Throw Back The Little Ones

» ) These tracks are not Steely Dan (coverband named Beau Bolero)
§ ) These tracks are from The Gaucho Outtakes
¥  ) These tracks are from The Katy Lied Outtakes

The Midi-sequense , on this page is Kid Charlemagne. Originally on the Steely Dan "Royal Scam" Album

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