Just Another Story

The Eleven Tracks of Whack Outtakes

The 11 Tracks Of Whack Outtakes

Junkie Girl
Medical Science
Ghost Of Hypnos Past
Lies I Can Believe

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On the streets of another jungle
On the low rent side of town
There's a club called Jack of Diamonds
And the brothers are gettin' down
Check the midnight set they got
Rad Rolling on the saxophone
Born again, hot boppin'
Many changes still unknown

20 years the same location
Nothing but the best will do
All is just a celebration
The passing of the Sampaiku

Drop your big girl and grab your girdle
Hurry up I wish you would
Let's just be there for the blowin'

Get it now while the getting's good
Tuesday come the big change-over
Sally sit, there's laughing trash
Ain't no more where this came from
If you miss that final bash

Every little eighth note smilin'
Every little phrase rings true
The man behind the bar is stylin'
On out into the avenue
Rounding out the true believers
There's three including me and you
Get the eager Berkeley beavers
I'm talking about the Sampaiku


Me and the J-girl stood there watching

A vision all in black and blue
I thought I heard the saints go marching
It was the passing of the Sampaiku

Nothing but your bad intentions
Is all they let you carry through
So steady in the next dimension
Is the coming of the Sampaiku

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Ghost Of Hypnos Past

Yeah, this is my man Jerome
Coming in fast and loud
Veteran of the late unrest
Running with the sporting crowd
Hiding out in the alley
Walking on broken glass
Talking about damnation 
Waiting for the moon to pass
Hunkering on God's sidewalk
Drinking that turpentine
Bringing out a bag of dog food
For very good friend of mine
Yeah, me and my friend Jerome
Come all the way across town
Meet the boys
And make some noise
And to kick that gun around

Now kick it

Don't look now
You got stuck in the jaws of time somehow
Don't you worry what you see
What you get to drag down the gutters of eternity
To settle down and
Put your goggles on
Get the popcorn ready
You know we're running a little long
Oh yeah, roll them Joe
Sit back and let yourself enjoy the show
Oh yeah, there you are
Ripped to the tits on roam along
Talking bout your long lost friend
Maybe feeling sorry for yourself in the end
Don't we remember?

She was seventeen
And all the words came easy
And now you're talking to the dawn
Now, who's to say
Exactly what it was that blew that girl away?
But now we know you know you just traded in her ass
On the Ghost of Hypnos Past


Hand me down my belongings
Throw 'em in a paper sack
Running from a hellhound armchair
With tragedy on my back
Talk about two trains running
Gonna be the end of me
Gotta make a midnight rendezvous
On the corner of 6 and D
Murderous thoughts and glances

Go whistling through the dark
Wondering about mortality
While I'm praying for a place to park
Yeah, me and my friend Jerome
Come all the way across town
Meet the boys
Make some noise
And to kick that gun around
Now kick it


Miles away
You're lost in the here tomorrow gone today
Looking back where once you stood
And wondering was it really all that bad or all that good
But there he goes again
With the pork pie hat
And the highboy collar
Riding the train to Dewey Square

Oh, way down where
Chasing what was really never anywhere
But this time I think you captured it at last
It's the Ghost of Hypnos Past
It's the Ghost of Hypnos Past 

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Lies I Can Believe

Round and round
The words are spinning
Why don't we take it
From the beginning
I know it hurts but
Babe don’t you worry
Let's take our time honey
What's the hurry?
Your eyes are moving
Yes I can see them
The words are soothing
Why don’t I believe them?
Your eyes are beaming
But I can't receive them


You say our love just
Needs some attention
Maybe it’s stuck in
The fourth dimension
You say it wants more

Kissage and huggage
Maybe it just got
Lost with our luggage
Maybe our love just
Needs space to grown in
A place to go to
Vector to grow in
Maybe what I need's
A towel to throw in

Don't you remember that rainy night?
Riding the dog in pale moonlight
Making love up in the very last row
Lord have mercy
Half way to Jersey
Spare me the details of guts and glory
The truth is just another story
Why don't you give me
Why don't you give me
Lies I can believe?

I never said I was a diplomat
I guess I got no country to be true to
So don't you tell me not to be like that
Don't you blame me when I do like you do
Life is a gamble
You're never ready
The sands are shifting but
The winds are steady
They never let up
So keep your head up
Don't let 'em blow you away


To every man goes
His share of passion
But I'm way under
The legal ration
I think you nailed it
Right down to the letter
It's getting older
But it ain't getting better

Maybe our love just
Needs a vacation
The train is rolling
Out of the station
Across the platform
Another train is pulling in

Lovers sighing in exotic places
Holding hands with all the aces
Making love up on the captain's table
All the way, all the way home
I see my past stretched out before me
The truth is just another story
Why don't you give me
Why don't you give me
Lies I can believe?

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