Live At The Wembley Arena

Steely Dan
At The Wembley Arena
September 10, 1996

Live tape recording
Wembley Arena, London, England, September 10, 1996

Do It Again
Bad Sneakers
Hey Nineteen

Jack Of Speed
Reeling In The Years
Babylon Sisters
FM (Band Intro)
Green Earrings
Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Green Flower Street
East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
Glamour Profession
My Waterloo
Chain Lightning
Deacon Blues
Black Cow
Home At Last
Kid Charlemagne
Don't Take Me Alive
My Old School
FM (outro)

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Jack Of Speed (live '96 version)

Aarons rollin' down most every night,
skating backwards at the speed of light,
well, he's changed, all in a thousand little ways,
he's changed, wo darlin', yes indeed, you know he's,
stuck all in the middle, he's hangin' with,
The Jack Of Speed.

Shena's Party babe is a case in point,
That bogus haircut just snuck out that joint.
Well, he's gone, he may be sleeping in your bed,
But he's gone, Oh darlin' guaranteed, he may be,
laid out on the sofa but he's smoking with
the Jack Of Speed.

Ya, I know that your thinkin',
how it might be just fine.
for one, full blown tear across that thin white line,
But will you be laughin' when your all alone,
lookin' down on the upside, locked out on the danger zone.

Well, he can't hear you honey, that's o.k.,
Throw your luggage in that Chevrolet
And your right on, you run out on that lane stampede,
Right on, Oh angel, guaranteed, you got to,
Get out little darlin', cause your dancin' with,
The Jack Of Speed.


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The Midi-sequense , on this page is Peg. Originally on the Steely Dan "Aja" Album

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