steely dan
two against nature



Steely Dan
Two Against Nature
World Premiere Broadcast
Interview by Nicole Sandler with Walter Becker and Donald Fagen,
playback of the "Two Against Nature" album* 
and live tracks from the PBS taping of Jan. 28-29, 2000

Tenor sax: Cornelius Bumpus 
Alto sax: Chris Potter
Trumpet: Michael Leonhart
Trombone: Jim Pugh
Drums: Ricky Lawson
Bass: Tom Barney
Keyboards: Ted Baker
Guitar: Jon Herington
Background vocals: Carolyn Leonhart, Victoria Cave, Cynthia Calhoun

Promo trailer
Interview; Segment 1
Cousin Dupree*
Interview; Segment 2
Interview; Segment 3
Jack Of Speed*
Interview; Segment 4
Janie Runaway*
Interview; Segment 5

What A Shame About Me*
Interview; Segment 6
Two Against Nature*
Interview; Segment 7
Black Friday (live)

Cousin Dupree (live)

Kid Charlemagne
Interview; Segment 8

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