Los Angeles 1974

Arriba records ARR 94.092
Recorded Live At The Record Plant, Los Angeles, CA. March 20, 1974

Boston Rag
Do It Again
Any Major Dude Will Tell
King Of The World

Rikki Don't Lose That Number
Pretzel Logic
(Your Gold Teeth II)
Reelin' In The Years
This All Too Mobile Home


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This All Too Mobile Home

I get four or five miles a gallon in this old car
I don't care as long as it takes me to where you are.
You ain't leavin' no tracks to follow,
it's drivin' me mad but what else can I do?

This all too mobile home
is calling out for you.

You get thirty miles out of Phoenix
on a three-day crying
when you left to find the end
on the number five
you slammed the door behind you
You walked out on the life that we once knew

This all too mobile home
is calling out for you.


well, they say it's only cheating,
but now we're man on man
take your hand outta my pocket
or put it in the can.
You get married in San Diego
and these times
that walk out need to be brought on through

*This all to mobile home
is crawling after you.


well, this all too mobile home
is killing me and there's nothing
that you can do to set me free.
Darling, oh now, darling,
come back to me...

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Same concert as Rotoscope Down...

The Midi-sequense , on this page is "Rikki Don't Lose That Number". Originally on the Steely Dan "Pretzel Logic" Album

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