These pages are, as said elsewhere a tribute to my favorite dynamic duo Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. And, because of this not being a one man's work there are a lot of people to be thankful to. The first person to thank for letting me use much of his material is of course Scott Borton. The "original" for my Steely Dan Discography is his Steely Dan Album page. And as Scott have pointed out to me and as he writes at his info-page, there are a lot of other people involved in it. Therefore, I wish to thank the people who have primarily contributed to his pages, and naturally also on mine.


  • Frank Maynard
  • David Fagan
  • Len Galasso
  • "Chauncy"
  • Steve Johnson
  • Hans Verlouw
  • Don Cameron
  • Ronald Prado
  • Peter O. Hill
  • Jim Styro
  • Jim "Hoops" McKay
  • Tim Conneen
  • Hank Chapman
  • "Hump"
  • Michael Smith
  • Tim Jaquette
  • Hans-Gustaf Ekholm
  • Goroh Iwai
  • Tom Mihlbacher
  • Philippe
  • Mark
  • L. Ferrell Darby
  • Barry Cohen
  • I.deLoo
  • Susan McNamara
  • Richard Marejka
  • Kevin Boyle
  • Robert Chute Jr
  • Deacon
  • Alan Jackson
  • Jim Humphrey
  • John Bennett
  • Susan Davidson
  • Sharon Joseph
  • Pat Beemer
  • Jerome Catalino
  • Peter Noss
  • Richard Zamorano
  • Mike Price
  • Rob Whyte
  • Stephen O'Rourke
  • Hiroumi Takabayashi

These people have contributed track lists, supplied album art, corrected mistakes, and generally made the pages a better place for all. Thanks!

  • Stephen V. O`Rourke
    (contributed tourdates)
  • Tom Vinken
    (hints on unofficial recordings)
  • Craig Kline
    (corrected tourdates)
  • Chris Campbell
    (Lyric corrections)
  • Marc Skobac
    (contributed tourdates)
  • Sam Rose
    (corrected tourdates)
  • John Moore
    (contributed lyric transcriptions)
  • Bolo Gorkman
    (contributed tourdates)
  • Luke
    (corrected tourdates)
  • Richard Pipes
    (corrected tourdates)
  • Ed Telder
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Dave Peterson
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Bill Galbraith
    (contributed tourdate)
  • Jim McKay
    (corrected and contributed tourdates)
  • Kasper Gynther
    (contributed lyric transcription)
  • Ty Fridrich
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Mats Broberg
    (supplied midi-files)
  • Rob Neutelings
    (hints on various outdated recordings)
  • Dan Krouse
    (contributed tourdates)
  • Don Breithaupt
    (hints on singles)
  • Eric Prosser
    (contributed/corrected tourdates)
  • Donald Wolf
    (contributed lyric transcribtions)
  • Alfred Neuman
    (contributed lyric transcriptions)
  • Quentin Bischoff
    (corrected/contributed tourdates)
  • Jack Albagli
    (corrected tourdates)
  • Carl Johnson
    (contributed tourdates)
  • Rochelle Rabin
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Tim Verbanic
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Peter Johnson
    (corrected tourdate)
  • Bob Tyler
    (contributed lyric transcription)
  • Patrick Harman
    (contributed lyric transcriptions)


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