Live in Chicago

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Steely Dan
Chicago August 15, 1993
Live tape recording

Royal Scam /Peg / Aja (Instrumental overture)
Green Earrings
Hey Nineteen
Book Of Liars
Chain Lightning
Band Intro
Green Flower Street
Home At Last
Black Friday
Tuzz's Shadow
Deacon Blues
Tomorrows Girl
Babylon Sisters
Reelin' In The Years
Fall Of '92
Our Lawn
Third World Man
Trans-Island Skyway
Teahouse On The Tracks
My Old School
FM(No Static A All)

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Our Lawn

There were the best days of the summer
They will distract us no more
Spend whats in leftover pieces
Across the garage floor

Now its such a sad situation
Tell me, what can it be?
Whats happ'nin' all over Ann Street
Is happ'ning all over me

We frolic with reckless, free abandon
Its got to be the rising line
Even as the season's ending
We're running low on sweet borrowed time

Those dead leaves piled up out by the mailbox
Up against the first decent flow
We wondered what would it feel like
Just diving in that pool

All of sudden there's a tear in your eye
The end of an era soon is kissed goodbye
Our lawn is dying, we're watching it die

Well, when the sun starts looking lazy
Down at a quarter to five
The girls are talking and laughing
Up at the top of the drive

We cannot work in a dungeon*
But about what we're gonna do
Who's gonna save the petunias
Now that we've forgotten to

A little taste, a little lite conversation
Isn't that the way it always was
As a zero-sum equation
Or a lesson in some long-lost losing cause

Greep is hungry, i can't read him
Tell him that I already gave
Tell him its the midnight hour
Dancing by the side of the grave

The Rogers are crumbling now
And its starting to show
Right now Eve'll notice as its going that slow
Our lawn is dying, in case you dont know

Let's throw a party in this doleful occasion
Show the bastards who you really are
No itchy goomba dance sensation
Just sending wishes to the wrong shooting star

All the way from DC to daylight
Illumination in the cold, gray dawn
Pick up on the cellular ray phone*
In case you got to call someone
There's no-one the blame now

And there's nothing to do
Lets just make the best of
Whats me and whats you
Our lawn is dying, so, what else is new

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The Midi-sequense , on this page is Peg. Originally on the "Aja" abum.

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