Greg Phillinganes

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Greg Phillinganes
©1984 Planet Records FL84698

Behind The Mask
Won't Be Long Now
Playin' With Fire
I Have Dreamed
Come As You Are
Lazy Nina
(written by Donald Fagen)
Countdown To Love
Shake It


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Lazy Nina

In my life I have been all kinds of
I have lived for the action and the thrill
Yes I've seen a thousand children sing
A sunset in Japan
When I close my eyes I see them still

But the road seems to lose it's
And I find there's a picture in my mind
Of a room with windows on the sea
Yes she's waiting there for me
I drop out of space and time

Back in the maze with Lazy Nina
Walkin' the dog and watchin' Soul
Readin' the paper, goin' to movies
And at night we sing
Da Da Do Da Da Ooh Ya Ya

There are days when I wake up with a
That the world is a strange and
sunless place
It's a world where words have lost
their sense
Where nothin' seems to fit
And then suddenly I'll see her face

In a dream I will drive along the ocean
At the end of a dark familiar ride
And I know the house I'm searchin' for
Yes she's standin' at the door
And I'm right there by here side


©1984 Freejunket Music (ASCAP)

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